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Solar Panels

A knowledge center for solar energy, find scientific researches and consumer information about solar powered equipment and products. The site features an in-depth introduction of solar panels.

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Pakistan plans to transform desert into a 'river' of solar panels to fight energy crisis
For years Pakistanis have sweated and cursed through summer power cuts, but now the government plans to harness the sun's ferocious heat to help tackle the country's chronic energy crisis.
Largest US solar farm on Superfund site now online
The nation's largest solar farm built atop a federal Superfund site is now generating power on a tract of land in Indianapolis tainted by a long-shuttered plant's wood-treating operations. The 43-acre ...
Obama launches measures to support solar energy in US
The White House Thursday announced a series of measures aimed at increasing solar energy production in the United States, particularly by encouraging the installation of solar panels in public spaces. President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress want laws to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but Republicans, who hold the majority in the House of ...
Solar-Panel Windows Made Possible by Quantum Dot Breakthrough
Windows that double as solar panels could soon be a reality following a breakthrough in quantum dot research that could have significant implications on the way the sun's energy is harvested in the future. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Milano-Bicocca synthesised a new generation of quantum dots that they were able to embed in a transparent polymer to capture ...
New Oklahoma Law Charges Residents Who Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines
New Oklahoma Law Charges Residents Who Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines New Oklahoma Law Charges Residents Who Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines Politics Has Been Optimized Oklahoma residents who choose alternative energy by installing solar panels or wind turbines for their homes will be charged an additional fee, which has not yet been determined. The bill, SB 1456, sailed through the ...
Why Your Neighbors Will Finance Solar Panels for Your Roof
Here’s another reason to be nice to the neighbors: They might just give you a no-money-down, low-cost loan to put solar panels on your roof, and once you pay off that debt you’ll get essentially free electricity as long as you own your home. In the coming months, the environmentally minded can go to Mosaic’s site and invest in portfolio of 20-year loans made to homeowners. The interest rate is 4 ...
Georgia has the fastest-growing solar industry
ATLANTA | Georgia's 225 percent increase in jobs related to the solar energy industry is the highest in the nation as it plays catch-up to other states.
San Diego sees spike in solar installations
The number of solar panel installations jumped 33 percent between 2012 and 2013.
Solar panel bill pain
VICTORIANS will be slugged $400 in higher electricity bills to subsidise those with solar panels.
A 'river' of solar panels
This photograph taken on February 17, 2014 shows a vechile entering the proposed site of the solar energy park at Badaiwani Wala village in Bahawalpur district of Punjab province.